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with our WinBundles

Win up to N100m Every Week 


Recharge your lines with Airtime2Win hassle-free and seize the opportunity to win big! The Airtime2Win bundle gives you 70% Airtime and 30% is converted to tickets into the national consumer draw.


With an incredible 100 million weekly for grabs , Cable2Win offers more than just TV! It is taking a chance on your utility! Pay your cable bill with the WinBundle to enjoy uninterrupted viewing pleasure and multiple chances to win up to N100M.


Keep the lights on and your hopes high with Power2Win! Each Subscription gives you 70% Power and 30% converted to tickets that bring you into the National Consumer Draw and you stand a chance to win up to N100M weekly.

How it Works

At WinBundle, we've revolutionized bill payments into exciting experiences! 70% of your subscription ensures uninterrupted essential services, guaranteeing seamless utility operations. Meanwhile, the remaining 30% secures your entry into the weekly National Consumer Draw, where the jackpot soars to a staggering 100 million!


Buy a WinBundle

Pay for your utilities by buying a WinBundle from here, by dialing *6700*123#, or from any of our partners

Receive Your Utility

70% of your WinBundle goes towards paying your utility bills, while 30% enters you into the weekly National consumer draw

Enter the Draw

30% of your WinBundle unlocks a chance to win up to N100M every week! Boost your luck and transform your life with a single entry!

Withdraw Your Win

Dial *6700# to view your wallet. Withdraw to your bank account or reuse to pay utility bills by buying more WinBundle - your win, your way!

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